Your support equips Christian professors to make a difference—both inside and outside the classroom! You help them see their teaching and research as ministry and as a strategic opportunity to build God’s kingdom. But as you know, their ministry doesn’t stop when they step off campus. Global Scholars professors use their unique training and academic gifts to advance the gospel in other powerful ways as well.

I recently read an update from a Global Scholars couple, Nick and Teresa, about how God is using their involvement with a local church. They serve in a Middle Eastern country with very little access to the gospel. God is working through Nick’s university position, but there have been other exciting open doors as well. Teresa writes: 

Before we started one of our meetings, two high schoolers entered our room looking at Nick and me. They said, “Hello, we want to become Christians like you.” Nick and I looked at each other, not knowing what to say because their statement was so straightforward and bold. We started our meeting, and a month later, they accepted Christ and asked us to pray for them.

A nurse from this area is also interested in learning more about Christianity. She wanted to attend our gathering and is excited about the opportunity to learn in her native language.

One of our friends connected a local lawyer with our fellowship. He is not a believer yet, but he has been attending faithfully and is still seeking, searching, and learning.

God is on the move! Thank you for being part of the work of Global Scholars. Many Christian professors teach in countries where traditional missionaries are not allowed. Because of you, people in those countries who need the gospel are encountering Jesus in exciting ways through Christian professors, both on campus and in their communities. 

Please pray for Nick and Teresa and others like them who serve in secure locations. While these locations provide unique opportunities, they also bring significant challenges and pressures. I am thankful for friends like you who are standing with us and with Christian professors around the world.

For Christ and the university,


The italicized names have been changed to protect privacy.

This episode of the College Faith podcast is in tribute to Randy Newman, my dear friend who passed away just after we recorded this discussion on dealing with doubt. It is a given that college students, including those heading off to college as believers, will have questions and doubts about the Christian faith. Randy’s wisdom and care for the spiritual journeys of others will be a great help to students (and all others) who navigate the journey through doubt.

In this episode of the Thinking Christianly podcast, J.P. Moreland and I discuss how to have better conversations. We discuss how three informal fallacies (the Red Herring Fallacy, the Genetic Fallacy, and the Ad Hominum Fallacy) can shut down healthy dialogue and how to develop habits that help us avoid using them. 

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