Deepen and Grow 2026

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." (Psalm 19:1)

We love the university. It serves a holy purpose: discovering and disseminating knowledge for the wisdom of all. We believe it is one of the most essential institutions in a country and can be a source of great truth, goodness, and beauty. God has often used the university to bring revival to a nation.

But universities have not always lived up to these lofty ideals, and can contribute more to secularism and other ideologies than Christ-honoring ends. Like all else in God’s wonderful yet fallen creation, universities have great potential for good, yet need redemption.

We believe Christian professors are called by God to have a redemptive influence in higher education. Without their presence, higher education cannot fulfill its enormous potential to bring truth, goodness, and beauty to society.

Global Scholars equips Christian professors worldwide to influence their students for Christ. We are uniquely positioned to do so, offering a full slate of programs proven to be effective in equipping professors to be Christ’s ambassadors on campus.

In 2020, we launched Lasting Change, a three-year strategic plan to equip 800 Christian professors and influence 134,000 university students each year for Christ. Because of your generous support, we exceeded that goal, and, as of mid-2023, we are equipping 1159 professors, who are influencing nearly 200,000 students for Christ. Thank you!

Deepen and Grow 2026 takes the next step toward making our vision a reality. By June 2026, we plan to be equipping 2,000 professors to share God’s truth and grace with 334,000 students each year.

“Until this summer, I did not feel able to say openly that I follow the Christian faith. In a meeting with Christian scholars in the Middle East, [Global Scholars] leaders encouraged us to express in a diplomatic way…that we are Christians. This motivated me. Now, as I teach about world religions, I explain very clearly that I follow the Christian faith.”Ahmed*, Middle East

“I really want to thank God for the equipping I have received, the guidance that has been available, and the instruction that has shown us that we’re not just at university to teach. I now  have a focus and trust God to open my eyes more.” Sahmicit, Nigeria 

*Name has been changed for security purposes.