Global Scholars equips Christian professors
to serve Christ in secular universities worldwide
through fifteen proven programs and services.

Countries Served
Professors Equipped
Students Influenced*

*Students directly influenced in the classroom. This total does not include many others influenced indirectly through campus presence (see the President’s message below), publications, public lectures, etc. 

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Saturday, November 28

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Did you miss the 2020 Global Scholars Virtual Gala on August 22?

We had a wonderful time hearing from Christian professors making a difference around the world. You can still hear these encouraging stories and more by watching a recording of the Gala on our Global Scholars Facebook page

A Personal Message from the President

Why and How We Equip Christian Professors

“What is taught in our classrooms today is believed on our streets tomorrow.”

Lasting Change

Doubling the number of Christian professors we equip…

to make a difference for Christ

resulting in lasting change in more nations.


PROFile – January 2021

A Global Scholars professor in a country in the Middle East, closed to missionaries, is teaching Christian Studies at a leading private university. As there

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Featured Author

Annual Report

Surpassing Goals 2020

You are making a difference! Natia* is a professor of biology in the South Pacific. Kwame* is a professor of physics in Africa. Munni* is a professor of literature in South Asia.

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