Will every student have a professor who communicates the good news of Christ? Will every non-Christian professor have a colleague who models and communicates the love of Christ? Will a Christian worldview inform all academic discussions?

God has called many to serve him as university professors. However, they are often unsure of how to engage their students and colleagues winsomely and appropriately with the good news of the gospel. They often wonder how best to weave biblical truth into their teaching and writing. They long for relationships with other Christian professors facing similar struggles.

As Global Scholars became increasingly aware of Christian professors’ unmet needs, we reached out to scholars and partners globally and discovered Christian professors worldwide are discussing these same needs. Global Scholars joined these conversations, asking how we might help form and support this emerging global community of Christian academics.

These conversations culminated in the establishment of the Society of Christian Scholars and the formation of its Executive Committee on March 1, 2019. The Society provides fourteen specific programs and services identified as necessary for Christian professors to fulfill God’s call in their lives. Global Scholars is committed to providing the operational infrastructure necessary to support the Society, while the Executive Committee––which consists of seven members representing at least five different regions of the world––ensures that the Society accomplishes its purpose.

If you are interested in joining the Society, or would just like to learn more, please visit the Society of Christian Scholars home page via the link below.