I recently asked one of our outgoing board members, Dr. Bee-Lan Wang, to share her thoughts on the importance of Global Scholars. Dr. Wang recently retired from a career in academia and has firsthand experience with the challenges and opportunities she discusses: 

When I read Dr. Wang’s thoughts, I felt so encouraged, with a renewed enthusiasm for the work I do every day. And so I wanted to pass this encouragement along to you! I think you’ll enjoy hearing what she has to say: 

There are Christians working in secular universities, many as faculty members. There are many Christian post-graduate students too. But because the vast majority of these universities are antagonistic to the Christian faith, these sisters and brothers of ours are embattled. At the same time, their churches, by and large, are not equipped to speak to the specific needs of professors and doctoral students. 

Christian academics have the potential to collaborate with one another in the integration of their faith with academic knowledge; after all, exchange of information and insights is the art of their craft. However, they often don’t know that there are other brothers and sisters in their universities or in their fields in other universities across the world. And only a very small handful of universities have ministries geared at encouraging Christian academics or equipping them to be adept at sharing truth with their colleagues or with the students in their charge. 

There are many ministries working with students, but as far as I know, Global Scholars stands alone in having a ministry that focuses exclusively on equipping Christian academics to be salt and light in their disciplines and on their campuses. I am excited to see the Society of Christian Scholars encouraging Christian academics around the world to embrace this vision of being salt and light to the academy by providing them with opportunities to collaborate with Christian colleagues around the world and with tools to empower them to fulfill their calling.

How about you? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on why you support the work of Global Scholars. What about this ministry has God especially laid on your heart as important and worth supporting? Drop me a note at stan@global-scholars.org.

Thanks for being part of this work. We could not equip Christian professors without you!

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