Happy 2022!!

We added a new puppy to our family a few months ago. Cosette brings such joy and fun to our home–puppies do that!

“Gregory,” a Global Scholars professor, also added a new puppy to his home recently, along with a new and unexpected opportunity for ministry. He explains…

We welcomed our new poodle puppy, Aussie, into our home in April, not knowing that six months later she would be an active helper in our mission to engage students. I take her for twice-daily walks…around the campus…

[She] is very friendly to anyone who wants to pet her. She has caught the eye of many students on our walks through the campus, particularly foreign students…and on many occasions, I was able to engage with them.

So far, I have chatted with students from Syria, Pakistan, Lebanon, Namibia, Mozambique, Brazil, and Yemen, thanks to the alluring attraction of Aussie, who has now become quite a celebrity.

…We are thankful that even in these difficult times we are still able to continue to serve in God’s mission field in this needy part of the world, and are so grateful for your partnership in the gospel as we minister through the many and varied opportunities God gives us.

Please pray for Gregory and the hundreds of other professors worldwide that we equip to share the love, truth, and grace of Christ with their students, colleagues, and academic disciplines.

Thank you for the crucial role you play in “equip[ping] the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12). 

Happy New Year,

P.S. We have made it easy for you to help equip more Christian professors to share God’s truth and grace on campuses worldwide.

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Cosette (Cosy), our new puppy
Aussie, "Gregory's" new puppy