As we look forward to 2024, I am so grateful for your support of Global Scholars. You are helping professors around the world engage students with God’s grace and truth. Because of you,  students are seeing that the gospel is credible. They are learning to love God with their hearts and minds. This update from Alex and Megan is just one small example of how your involvement is making a difference:

“I am amazed to find that science, God, and general human morality all say the same thing. … It’s really interesting to realize that God and the Bible are actually not off target and actually do have meaning in the world today,” Lina reflected in Megan’s advanced science course during an in-class discussion about the relationship between human and environmental life.

Megan’s students had been reviewing numerous case studies of recent events and the need for human system changes. Now, they were focusing on the perspective outlined in the Bible (Genesis, Psalms, Hosea, Jeremiah, and more). Lina was not the only student who expressed surprise that science and the Bible can work together.

Christian professors have unique opportunities to help students see that God’s truth is relevant for all of life. Your support of Global Scholars helps professors and students integrate faith and academics. You play a critical role in helping future leaders understand spiritual truth. Thank you for being part of this ministry. May God bless you and your loved ones in 2024.


For Christ and the university,


Italicized names have been changed to protect privacy.

This episode of the College Faith podcast continues my sporadic series on the various fields students may choose to study while in college. My guest is Dr. Hannah Eagleson, who studied the great books at St. John’s College (Annapolis, MD) during her Masters degree, then went on to earn a PhD in Renaissance literature at the University of Delaware. We discuss Great Books university programs and what students might consider in choosing one of these programs.

In this episode, J.P. Moreland and I discuss engaging the Christmas story as thinking Christians and ways to live in light of the hope that the Incarnation brings. We talk about how the humility of God brings wonder and awe to this season, how to reclaim Christmas from consumer culture, and more.

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