Two new books were released this month, written by Prof. Dr. Thomas K. Johnson, a longtime Global Scholars professor. The World Evangelical Alliance is making electronic versions of Dr. Johnson’s books available for free as pdf downloads. Paperbacks will be for sale at the publisher in Europe. 
Click on the links below to download each pdf. 
The Protester, the Dissident, and the Christian: Essays on Human Rights and Religions

Humanitarian Islam, Evangelical Christianity, and the Clash of Civilizations

Prof. Dr. Thomas K. Johnson, Research Vice President of Martin Bucer Seminary, serves the World Evangelical Alliance as senior advisor for theology and religious freedom. With his wife, he lived in Prague, the city of the Velvet Revolution, for 22 years, where he taught at Anglo-American University and Charles University, as well as investing about a decade as director of the Comenius Institute. He is a widely published author on theology, ethics, and human rights.