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PROFile – March 2018

“How can Christian students meet one another and non-Christian students experience the love of Christian community in this closed Islamic country?” This is the question “Paula” and her husband have been asking since she began teaching at the nation’s leading university five years ago.

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PROFile – February 2018

Rebecca is from Maiduguri, Nigeria—the home of Boko Haram, which has killed tens of thousands and displaced over 2.3 million others since 2002. Rebecca experienced much violence herself growing up there. She grew up in a largely Muslim family, but came to faith in Christ and decided to study theology. One of her professors was Wendy, a Global Scholar.

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PROFile – January 2018

Ben is a Global Scholars professor teaching Environmental Engineering in Eastern Europe. In his nation it is common to ignore safety and sanitation regulations. As a result, residents often live in squalid conditions and contract life-threatening diseases.

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PROFile – December 2017

The greatest gift is not wrapped in tissue but rather in a blanket. It is not something you can plug into an outlet and it does not use a wifi network. It is not something bought at a mall, shopping center or on-line.

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PROFile – November 2017

The psychology department in a prominent African university was imploding. Accusations of corruption, such as bribes being taken for grade inflation, were commonplace. Conflicts among faculty members were escalating and threatening the departments’ survival.

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PROFile – October 2017

The 2016-2017 academic year was a banner year for Global Scholars! Through you, God has done so much to grow our ministry.

Our annual program evaluation and financial audit are complete and all the “numbers are in.” I’m pleased to announce the 2016-17 Global Scholars Annual Report is now available! You may view it online here.

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PROFile – September 2017

What do Ahmad and Vahreed have in common? They both have Kyle, a Global Scholars professor, as a colleague who is having a redemptive influence in their lives.

Kyle is not alone. Every Global Scholars professor has non-believing colleagues who need the Lord, and in some cases believing colleagues who need encouragement from a peer to press on to maturity in Christ.

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Annual Report 2017

“Expanding Scope. Increasing Impact.” This is how we are describing our current season of ministry.
These are exciting days. In 2011 we restructured Global Scholars, and since then we have experienced significant
growth. We are now taking two steps to leverage all we have learned over the past 30 years to
increase our impact exponentially. We are expanding our scope both quantitatively and qualitatively. Let
me explain.

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PROFile – August 2017

Jeff and Molly want to make the Bible come alive for their Muslim students. They want their students to see God for who He is and come to know him personally. What better way to make the Bible come alive than by inviting them to a Bible study to discuss a book that takes place in their very own country?

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PROFile – July 2017

The academic year has come to a close, and we were thrilled to encourage and equip 124 missional Christian professors in 42 nations this year (182% growth over the past six years–see growth chart below)! Each professor is personally involved in the lives of approximately 200 students (through their classes, having students into their homes, Bible studies and other contexts).

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