Annual Report 2020

You are making a difference! Natia* is a professor of biology in the South Pacific. Kwame* is a professor of physics in Africa. Munni* is a professor of literature in South Asia.


Annual Report 2018

Global Scholars’ Mission is to equip Christian professors to have a redemptive influence in higher education. Throughout the 2017-18 academic year, we continued to fulfill this mission through our traditional program. We also worked to develop a new program to equip exponentially more Christian professors worldwide. I’d like to share a few snapshots of growth in both these areas.

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Annual Report 2017

“Expanding Scope. Increasing Impact.” This is how we are describing our current season of ministry. These are exciting days. In 2011 we restructured Global Scholars, and since then we have experienced significant growth. We are now taking two steps to leverage all we have learned over the past 30 years to increase our impact exponentially. We are expanding our scope both quantitatively and qualitatively. Let me explain.


Annual Report 2016

"Go to all the world and take the Gospel to all the people." - Mark 16:15 In this issue: Growing to Reach More Students, Praises and Prayer Requests, From the President, Financial Summary


Annual Report 2015

I am delighted to send you the Fall 2015 CONNECT, containing our Annual Report. In this issue we highlight what God has done through Global Scholars this past year and share our goals for the coming year.


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