Marilyn Hood

Why I Support Global Scholars

“I have been interested in supporting missions since I first heard missionary speakers in high school. After college, I spent some time in Korea and saw university students involved in Bible studies. That experience helped me see that university students are the future, so I appreciate the mission of Global Scholars. I especially like being able to support people whom I personally know and trust and whose ministry I believe in.

For several years, I’ve given by making a monthly automatic payment on my credit card. But now, it’s great to be able to give directly from my IRA without having to pay taxes on what I am required to withdraw. It’s a blessing to be able to continue to give at this point in my life. I want my money to go where it can make the best contribution!”

For more information on how you can support Global Scholars through your IRA, please contact Lydia Eckhoff, Development Director.

Global Scholars does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your advisor to make sure any gift you are considering is right for you.