Chip and Kathy Elmblad

Chip & Kathy Elmblad

My wife Kathy and I have been supporters of Global Scholars for quite a while. The idea that the several square feet behind the Professor’s podium is the most influential place in our world rings true, and is a very unique point of view in World Missions. Serving on the board and meeting Professors involved in this ministry are two things in my life that convinced me of the great need to stand with Global Scholars to ensure this vital ministry is well-known, well-prayed over, and, of course, well-funded. Through serving on the board, I became acquainted with the need for the focused mission to support Christian professors in all disciplines for the communities they served in, and ultimately our world, to flourish. Through meeting professors being served by this mission I became acquainted with the impact they are having on both their believing and non-believing students, and on the institutions and cultures in which they served. That’s the reason that Kathy and I choose to give consistently, sacrifice our time, and include Global Scholars in our estate planning. God loves a cheerful giver, and it could not be easier to give than it is to this work!