Martine Audéoud, Ph.D, D.Min

Martine Audéoud is the Europe Regional Representative for Global Scholars. Martine and her husband raised two adopted children––one from Haiti and one from Niger, West Africa. She earned a PhD in School Administration and Curriculum Supervision and a D.Min in Urban Transformational Leadership. After serving for many years as a graduate program administrator at a theological seminary in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, Martine  relocated to France to care for her aging father. She now serves (remotely) as associate academic dean and PhD program director for Bakke Graduate University. She is also an ordained pastor and served with the Mennonite Missions Network for many years.

While developing an accredited doctoral program in transformational leadership in Abidjan, Martine realized that the core of her call is to empower global Christian leaders to be God-sent influencers in their countries and communities. As a mentor, she develops leaders in such areas as urban transformation, women in leadership, educational leadership, entrepreneurship, and Christian service. Martine has also been involved with the Lausanne Movement and other cross-denominational organizations. Some of her academic contributions can be viewed at